Attempting to narrate the SpaceChem story

January 2018 ยท 1 minute read

I recently picked up SpaceChem on Steam without even reading anything about it because I saw that it was made by Zachtronics.

I’m not that good at reviewing games so I’ll just tell you that it’s great and you should just buy the Zachtronics games bundle as all their games are fantastic.

With that said, I have since over a year now had a Snowball iCE microphone which is an affordable high quality microphone. My laptop’s built-in microphone is rather terrible and I’m satisfied with my purchase. I decided to start doing random recordings to learn to use Audacity. I never put anything of the sort out in public simply because I didn’t think of it. However, for spacechem, it would appear that nobody narrated the story… I’ll do it I guess.

I’ll be uploading them once in a while.

This is way easier than my Flow.js series!