Pluralsight Scraper Released

June 2017 ยท 1 minute read

I usually don’t dedicate posts to small projects but this one is different. The difference between this and say, my sitemap generator, is that using this one is a violation of Pluralsight’s ToS and feel the need to morally justify to some degree.

I made it because I don’t always have internet and all my gear runs Linux. Pluralsight does not have a Linux app for offline viewing. Would they have made on, this project would have never existed.

Throughout my project, I left a bunch of notes advising the user that for one, it is indeed a violation of ToS and that they shouldn’t distribute the content as it hurts the authors. I am however, under no delusions that this will, inevitably, be used for piracy. I do not feel any remorse about it despite what one might think. And no, this isn’t because I’m an inconsiderate jerk; it is because there already were tools to do the same thing and I at least take the time to try to guilt-trip users into not re-distributing the resulting files.

I am not in the wrong here.


The project is available on Github here.