Going Forward

April 2017 ยท 2 minute read

The loss at the Exposcience is as a new beginning for us as a soon-to-be organisation. What will that company be? Not sure yet. The current winning company is Oravice, as in Oravince Software Solutions or something of sorts. Wasn’t comfortable enough to even propose “KNYZ” as it has become, for me, synonymous to myself. KNYZ.org is anything I want it to be, whenever I want… I do not want to needlessly sacrifice it.

With that said, Exposcience no longer forces us to focus on data-science and analytics. We can now go forward as primarily, a business – or if things go as I would like them to – a non-profit educational organisation.

My desire to make EtudieCA open-source is overshadowed by my desire to survive. I will have wasted thousands by working on it and not somewhere else if I give it away for free. But nonetheless… this will always be something I desire. So the day we become profitable and established, I will pass a vote to my team, whatever it may be at that point, to see how we proceed.

But for now, we are need to think as capitalists. We need to get capital. It’s for the betterment of education, not for profit. But we will not be able to do anything without it. I will be training 2 programmers to help on the projet, and get it running by next year. We are getting in touch with a high-placed educator in Montreal, and I wish for mass adoption there. This can be the beginning of something truly great and soon enough, I hope to open up my box with “Exposciences” written on it, and try again.