From Ghost to Hugo

May 2016 ยท 2 minute read

As noted in the footer, we have migrated from the Ghost CMS to the Hugo static site generator for blogging purposes. There are a few reasons for it and none of them mean that Ghost is somehow bad, because it’s not; in fact, it’s great! It’s just not for me for a few reasons.

1. Speed

This first point is negligeable for me as I was never the load required for it to actually matter. It was fast enough. With that said, this point is still worth mentioning. As much as Ghost can decimate Wordpress in any speed test (1900% faster!), nothing can beat serving static files.

Another factor that actually was important to me was that I couldn’t easily use Google’s PageSpeed Apache Module with it to optimize compression which is easily done with Hugo as they are plain html files.

2. Flexibility

Ghost was very simple. However simplicity comes at the cost of flexibility. Ghost is very flexible, however you can’t exactly do.. anything; which is the case with Hugo. I might probably even get away with running PHP code on here.

3. Ease of setup

The only thing I can put a knife to Ghost’s throat for is installation and upgrading. Both can have issues. While Hugo is nearly plug-n-play, Ghost requires a lot more setup such as reverse-proxies with nginx or Apache which naturally doesn’t play that nice if you already have a website.


There is no best or worst platform for blogging, each has it’s downfalls. For developers though, Hugo’s flaws are nearly non-existant (No pretty UI, that’s about it.. meh). This post does not say that Ghost is somehow bad, it’s not; I developed for Ghost, I love Ghost and if you never tried it – you should!