Exposciences Post-Mortem

April 2017 ยท 3 minute read

It was a fun run, and we did good. All things related to exposciences are now carefully packaged up in a box titled “Exposciences 2016-2017 Archive”.

On the 23rd of April, we were eliminated from the Canada-Wide Science Fair as we were beaten by 40 other people. Was it fair? I don’t care. The judges were human, subjectivity is inherent. Do I believe we deserved to be up there, among the 40 others? Yes. Am I upset about it? Not in the slightest.

And it’s better this way

On my way back, I thought about it. And I realized something important. We were definitely not going further than that. We were going to get 3 things: Coverage for an unfinished product, a demolishing loss along with a very pleasant trip to Regina. At this stage, media can kill us.

The ExpoSciences 2017 Experiencetm

I will not lie. The bad outweighed the good. I will make a list:

The Good

The Bad

The last part of the list in incomplete.


This is a topic that I can’t really complain about but I will anyways because I didn’t get an award I wanted and am irritated by it because the sponsor giving it out didn’t even come to see us. But this sheds light on a bigger issue: We were stand #99, the sponsors came in to see presenation #1 first and #124 last. Of course we didn’t get any awards, nobody in our row did!


Judges were globally pleasant. We got 3 teachers, 1 software engineer and because we were a software project aimed at education, we even got… wait for it…. a specialist in heating. No joke.

Humor aside, that’s a B+, good job on that front RTS!