Participating in Expo-Sciences 2017

January 2017 ยท 2 minute read

This blog was never of much use to me, and that is noticeable. I wanted to use it to practice my english writing skills more than anything else but forgot 2 things:

1) My life is pretty boring tbh, hence not much to write about.

2) I barely have any free time

These almost seem contradictive but that can be attributed to my poor time-management skills which play a big role in this.

BUT! I finally got something to journal. I hope this blog could now serve, for the next few months, as my path in the “Etudie CA!” project which I will explain below.

Etudie CA!

“Etudie CA!” is my first project that actually has a shot at taking off and isn’t the equivalent of typing code into /dev/null. It translates from French to “Study this!” (In French it sounds better though). The name comes from the fact that we (my partner and I), managed to get a hold of the “” domain. The function of the website is pretty obvious with a name like that – Help people study. But in exchange, we gather a pretty big amount of data which will help us do two things: Improve the software and report of various interesting correlations. I will be publishing “blue-prints” of pretty much everything related to it as time goes on (Code, Research, etc..).


So why is this a big deal to me? Because we entered into Expo-Sciences 2016-2017 which is essentially a science fair, but a REALLY big one since it’s directly sponsored by the Gov of Quebec which enjoys wasting money and on top of that we seem to have a decent chance at getting pretty far with it although winning it with first place is something which is simply not realistic. Optimistically, we will win the regional finals or maybe even get to the provincial finals. Realistically, we might make the regional finals (or at least I like to think that).

This was a barely coherent ramble but in short, I will be journaling my Expo-Sciences 2017 experiences.