A couple of Wins for Exposcience project

March 2017 ยท 3 minute read

I failed to chronicle the local victory but it wasn’t very important. Since I have had to tendency to not elaborate on details, Exposciences really happens at the provincial level, everything before is just filtering the bad projects out at the local (Education commission) and then regional level.

Lucky enough, my project didn’t fall into that category and thus we continue to the provincials. That’s the short of it.


The regionals is the first competition that actually matters. Decent awards, a bit of media, some personalities and so on. It was over a period of 3 days, the first being a couple hours of preperation where I discovered 2 things: The fire-departement is composed of metaphorical fascists and the event is prison-like with rules such as “No communication with the outside world” and “No leaving the premises” being made clear. My project, being an internet project, was dependant on communication with the outside world which explains the commit I did the night before the exposition.

The regional exposcience was, while wonderful is some regards, disappointing in others. Most of the disappointment was due to my own, false expectations (such as having a passionate audience) and have been corrected as such.

The Competition

We were ~50 teams from all over the region competing for the top 8. First to note, I failed terribly at predicting who will make it and who won’t with 38 correct predictions. With that said, the competition was solid. We knew from the start that our chances were pretty decent, although for the first time, contested.

A collection of the stands

This means something important. If we do not adapt, we will not win the provincials.


The audience is easily broken down into 3 (occasionally overlapping) categories:

  1. Parents
  2. Visitors (From schools or otherwise)
  3. Judges

The parents came, predictably enough, just for the own children (And the cool stuff the sponsors brought such as 360 degree video). The visitors came to see cool stuff, presumably seeking stuff the blows up (And other things that were not permitted). We didn’t really appeal to this audience with our dark colors and non-descriptive titles. This was a hit to the ego until we realized that the simple audience didn’t really matter. We came for the media (Which didn’t get to us) and the judges (Who liked us).

The presentation stand minus the laptop

The Judges

The judges were way better than I expected. They seemed genuinely interested in what we had to offer and asked more technical questions such as “Why did you use sqlite for data storage?” and “What was the greatest challenge while coding it” in order to, as I see it, check if I actually made it or a rockstar cousin from Facebook built it for me (Note: I do not have cousins).

The Judgement

As stated earlier in the post, we sort-of won. We didn’t get the glory of 1st place but we were in the top 8 who were selected to continue to the provincials.

Posing for the camera. Myself on the left

Along with that, we got a letter saying that my partner and me will receive a 250$ check from Commission Scolaire Des Draveurs which is our own scholar commission and another one saying that we are invited to OCTAS which seems to be a technology congress or forum which I know nothing about. Sounds fun nonetheless.