May 2016 · 1 minute read

The Website

Knyzorg is my development environment. At first, it had a front-end composed of a pretty awesome awesome video and some icons. Now it has a personal blog, yay!

I mostly publish some of my scripts here and write the occasional nonsense. I do not proof-read and occasionally miss a word. Just goes to show how serious I am about becoming a blogger: Not at all.

The person

My name is Slava Knyazev. I am a student at Heritage college (CEGEP Héritage). I am originally from Moscow, Russia and currently (as well as for the forseeable future) reside in Gatineau, near the Canadian capital.

I am easy to reach at slava@knyz.org for basically anything. Please avoid emailing me about issues in my open-source scripts and instead open an issue in the relevant repository.

Learn more about le moi here